Competitive esport

Like any other sport, Esport competitive events generate great hype and enthusiasm among the supporters. For a game to become prosperous and achieve greater longevity, having an active competitive scene is a must-have. League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2 all have been generating an enormous player base of millions for many years and have a very active competitive scene with tournaments hosted all year round.

On the other hand, game balance is a crucial factor for any competitive game. Players expect different creative ways to play the game and constantly changing meta. In traditional non-NFTs games, this is already a challenge with continuous effort from the development team. In NFTs games, it is an even bigger issue because players who have paid for expensive NFTs don’t want their NFTs to be nerfed from one patch to another.

Kaby Arena with its Free-to-play gameplay is expected to have a big enough player base for the competitive scene. The Team put heavy emphasis on the competitive aspect of the game:

  • Rank & Matchmaking: A comprehensive ranking system and matchmaking algorithm will ensure fairness to all players, premium or Free-to-play. maintaining the competitiveness of every match.

  • Regular tournaments & competition: weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events & tournaments will be hosted with great prizes and rewards for the community.

  • Game Balancing: Kaby Arena trusts the community with the creativity to balance the game themselves via Hero Fusion features where two NFTs heroes can be used to create a new offspring with inherited traits. Any heroes which are deemed overpowered will soon be countered by other heroes created by this feature.

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