Assets Staking & Renting


  • KABY token functions as a loyalty membership point, so users will be classified into different loyalty tiers based on the amount of KABY tokens staked and their activities. The premium membership tiers would allow users to get greater access to the platform features and more preferential terms, for example certain exclusive products/services or higher level of transaction rewards.

  • Players can stake their NFTs for loot-boxes (consumables designed to be used exclusively in-game for enhancements to a user’s gaming experience), and players with higher tiers will obtain rarer loot-boxes.

  • KABY token acts as a guarantee of proper conduct on the part of the user (will be slashed for malicious behaviour).

  • KABY token embeds a licence to allow holders access to play/utilise exclusive in-game content.


  • Owners of NFTs can rent their unused assets to other users for utilisation, to generate better income.

  • Players who want to experience playing with strong NFTs but cannot afford to buy may rent the NFTs for a period of time.

  • Renting with collateral: the transaction can be made directly peer-to-peer between players via smart contract. However, the renter has to deposit an amount equal to the value of the NFT.

  • Renting without collateral: we will take part in the transaction as a trusted 3rd party. With this method, no collateral will be needed, making it easier for Free-to-play players to experience the powerful NFTs.

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