Kaby Assets
Kaby Arena supports 3 kinds of assets: KABY token, Kaby heroes, Kaby equipments:
KABY token
Our main currency:
    Polygon/BSC token
    Open loot-boxes
    Exchange for resources or in-game upgrades
    Mint NFT from free heroes
    Buy/rent NFT assets
    Wage on PvP battles
    Staking for higher tiers
Kaby heroes
Not a token
    Free reward from PvE mode
    Can be minted into NFT heroes using Kaby token
Kaby heroes
    ERC 721 standard
    Can evolve through battles
    Can be sold/bought on the Kaby marketplace or any other NFT markets
Kaby equipments
Including but not limited to: loot-boxes, heroes equipment, land, skills, special FX effect.
    ERC 1155 standard
    Rewarded from PvE
    Generated by opening loot-boxes
    Can be sold/bought on the Kaby marketplace
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