Free-to-Play progress
In Kaby Arena, a player can start completely free and earn their way to the very top of the game. Here is the example progress of a 100% Free-to-play player:
    Player starts the game, and receives free non-NFT heroes through the tutorial.
    By playing the game in PvE or PvP mode, the player receives equipment and loot-boxes of various rarity.
    The player can sell these items on the marketplace for KABY tokens.
    Strong NFTs can be minted using KABY tokens and put on auction or to trade directly with other players.
    The player can participate in the periodical tournaments and events hosted by Kaby game studio to win prizes & awards.
    The player can wage against other players in PvP mode to win more tokens.
This creates a sustainable economic cycle for F2P players, without large upfront payments.
Last modified 1mo ago
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