Crypto War

We planned to slowly introduce non-crypto players with gamified market prediction, under the name of "Crypto War". The goal of this mechanism:

  • Raise awareness of the crypto market of the players.

  • Rewarding players for their engagement in the crypto market.

  • Allowing Free-to-play players to have an advantage over paid players if the former is able to predict the fluctuations of the market correctly.

The mechanism works on a weekly basis as follow:

  • Players pair each hero in their inventory with one cryptocurrency at the beginning of the week.

  • During that week, any fluctuation in the market price/volume of the chosen crypto will give different bonuses to the hero. If the crypto goes up, your hero gets stronger and vice versa.

  • At the end of the week, everything reset and players can setup new pairings again.

To maintain game balance, these bonuses given by cryptocurrency will be capped to a reasonable number. This mechanism is the unique feature that sets us apart from other NFTs games. It creates a connection between gameplay and the crypto market, and serves as an incentive for pure gamers who are unfamiliar with crypto to learn about our market.

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