$KABY Token summary

Release schedule

Token Allocation

$KGT Tokenomics

$KGT will be our main in-game token. The token is BEP-20 and run on BSC Network.

  • Token Symbol: KGT (Kaby Gaming Token)

*Note: $KGT is valued at 10 KGT = 1 KABY, the listing price in USD will be determined at listing time.

Supply of $KGT

The supply $KGT is uncapped and based on demand. New KGT tokens will only be minted and added to the circulating supply when rewarding players for their rank on the leaderboard or their achievement in our Tournaments.

We will decrease the supply of $KGT by periodically burning of all $KGT revenue (i.e. purchase on our store, revenue from tournament tickets, etc.)

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